FREE CAP CLE – 2.0 General Credits

Lionel Sawyer & Collins, the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association, the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas, the Latino Bar Association of Las Vegas and the LGBT Section of the State Bar of Nevada are hosting the

Basics of Representing Pre-Verbal Children in Dependency Proceedings CLE – 2.0 General Credits

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at Lionel Sawyer & Collins (located at 300 S. Fourth St., Las Vegas)

FREE to all attorneys who commit to accepting one NEW pre-verbal child pro bono case through the Pro Bono Project.

Learn the basics of representing pre-verbal children (ages 0 – 5) who have been removed from their home and placed in care due to allegations of child abuse and neglect. You will receive an overview of the court process and procedures involved in dependency proceedings, the laws that protect the rights and interests of pre-verbal children and the research regarding the impact of abuse on future child development. Pro bono attorneys who commit to pro-active, efficient, permanency-driven, child-centered holistic advocacy can forever change the course of a child’s life. Training will be in accordance with the ABA Standards on representing pre-verbal children and will address the most common issues that arise in these cases.

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